Pre Academy Spring 2018
2018/2019 Commitment Fee

2018/2019 Commitment Fee Full Payment


Congratulations for being selected for the academy’s annual program. This commitment fee confirms your place on the team

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I am committing to playing for Valencia cf academy NY for the 2018/19 year. Starting June 25th 2018 to June 24th 2019. I am fully aware I am responsible for not only this commitment fee ($750) but 12 monthly Payments of $185 (total fee $2970). That will be debuted on the 15th of each month. I fully understand and declare my intentions to commit to ALL Payments irrespective of attendance. If I choose to leave the program early I will pay the FULL balance of. Mine is owed – no questions asked. I understand that my players pass will only be released upon Payment of said balance

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